New Planet – 3R Raspberry Ale

New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale

Being the second of three beers that New Planet makes, this beer is also a very light beer. The mouth feel is light with a mild berry flavor. This beer is not over powering in it’s fruitiness but you do definitely taste the berry from the raspberry puree in the 3R Raspberry Ale. My first thought is that this beer would go excellent with Ceviche (a fresh seafood salad). As in my last New Planet review, this beer has a nice flavor and mild finish. For all you gluten free beer drinkers that like a light beer that does not over power your food, this is a good beer as long as the berry flavor will compliment your meal. So far, as you have read, New Planet is an excellent beer to be had with meals or by themselves for lighter beer drinkers.

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