We are providing for you some of the websites to breweries that provide gluten free beer.  We are only listing breweries that we have had communication with at this time.  If you are a brewery and would like to be added to this list, please contact us for inclusion.


United States


Anheuser-Busch Redbridge

Bard’s Beer

Lakefront Brewery

New Planet Beer Company

Ramapo Valley Brewery

I received an email from the President or R V Brewery giving me an update as to where they are in production capabilities. To not misrepresent them I am including his email here:

Dear customer

We apologize for not having our beer ready for sale.

Although the state of New York approved our license to brew, the ATF did not. We encountered problems with the inspection by the ATF and in spite of all of the upgrades they asked us to do, in the end they turned down our permit. We still do not know why.

It has been a long year and a half for us, in spite of this setback, we are committed to bring our unique beers to market. Our attorneys are working to re-establish our presence.

We have committed ourselves to this new project and would ask your patience as we set everything in motion. As we move forward on this new venture, we will keep you informed.


Sprecher Brewery


I have recently spoken with Mrs. Ann Sprecher and understand from her that they are still fully committed to gluten free beer. Be on the look out for Sprecher at a store near you. They also have gluten free soda’s, mustard and barbque sauce. Thanks Sprecher!



Joseph James Brewing Company

Ground Breaker Brewing

Widmer Brothers

Epic Brewing


United Kingdom

Green’s Gluten Free Beers

Hambleton’s Ale GFA and GFL

St. Peters Brewery

Fine Ale Club


Les Bières de la Nouvelle-France

Nickel Brook

Brassuers Sans Gluten



Estrella Damm Daura



Schnitzer Brau

Liebharts Residenz


Brunehaut Brewery

Leireken Ogranic









Brauerei Grieskirchen


The Netherlands



New Zealand