Green’s Gluten Free Beers have a New Pour

Green's Gluten Free Beer - Dry-Hopped Lager

Green’s gluten free beers have added a new option to their already outstanding lineup.  The latest addition by Green’s is the Dry-Hopped Lager.

Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to the brewing process after the wort is cooled down so the hops do not cook.  Most folks tell you that the reason to dry hop is for aroma ONLY, I beg to differ.  Yes, dry hopping gives a nice hoppy floral aroma to the beer but it also adds a floral, fruity flavor to the beer as well.  It is almost impossible to add aroma to any type of food without adding an additional flavor and this beer has done just that.Green's Gluten Free Beer Dry-Hopped Lager Pour

The Green’s Dry-Hopped Lager has a very nice light, crisp aroma.  It pours with a clear straw yellow color and a nice persistent white head with medium lacing.  The beer has a VERY light mouth feel with a hint of citrus (grapefruit) flavor.  The finish is both fruity and hoppy and very refreshing.  Green’s makes this beer from millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum but  somehow they have managed to create a VERY drinkable beer without the bitter after taste of sorghum.

If you are an IPA, strong hops drinker, this beer is probably not for you.  If on the other hand, you like a nice refreshing beer that will pair well with salads, chicken and seafood then this beer is absolutely for you.  I personally really enjoyed this beer and would love to keep it on hand in my fridge for one of those beer nights!

Well done Green’s!  You have added an excellent beer to your already excellent line up.  To find out if this beer is available near you, check out the importers site, Merchant du Vin and try this beer for yourself.  We would love to hear your review in the comments!






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