Glutenberg Beer Review

Glutenberg Gluten Free Beers

Glutenberg has made some excellent gluten free beers!  In this video I sat down with a local beer brewing club, none of which are gluten free, to get their opinion in this gluten free beer review.  The result is interesting and shows the diversity of tastes.


As you can see from the video some of the group like the Glutenberg Red Ale while others in the group liked the Glutenberg Pale Ale.  Personally, I fell into the Glutenberg Red Ale camp but you may be different. For this group of reviewers, no one found the Atypic Ale to be their flavor choice but as you can see, there are as many palates as their are people so I would encourage each of you to give your own opinion.  Share your beer review opinion in the comments below and let others know what you think!

Cheers Glutenberg!  To a job well done from the Gluten Free Beer Association!






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