Gluten Free Brewery?

q-Brew Orange Blossom Honey

Gluten Free Beer in the Making


This week I was privileged to review of Gluten Free Homebrew from the future q-Brew brewery.  q-Brew made this beer with a passion and excitement for gluten free beer that they want to build into a gluten free brewery with some funding support.  If you have an interest in being an investor in a gluten free brewery, either comment on this review below or email the Association and we will get you in touch with q-Brew.

The beer I sampled is Orange Blossom Honey “Wheat” Ale but no worries, there is NO wheat in this beer.  Now I get to review a lot of beers which of course I enjoy.  In doing so, not all of the beers will be to my taste liking but I can almost always see a value in each beer. If the beer is just bad, I will tell you and thankfully, that is certainly NOT the case here. :-)  q-Brew tells me that they use a secret ingredient as the base of their beer so someday we will all know when the brewery opens.

q-Brew Orange Blossom Honey "Wheat" Ale

I found the aroma of this beer to be sweet and slightly grainy.  The color is a hazy unfiltered honey gold. It poured with a nice white head, some what persistent with slight lacing.  This beer has a very light mouth feel with a light flavor, slightly hoppy with a bitter hop after taste.  I found the beer to be very mild and refreshing, not a lot of flavor with a slight citrus and sweetness and a little tart.

This beer would pair excellently with a salad, mild fish or chicken or on the other hand a very spicy dish would pair nicely.  Some what of a palate cleanser.  If you like a strong beer, this is probably not the best choice for you.  If on the other hand, you don’t like a strong flavored beer or this time you just want a lighter taste, you will definitely be able to enjoy this beer.  I would definitely recommend this beer in the right situation and certainly on a hot day as a cooling refreshment.  I would be glad to drink this beer again.






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