Gluten Free Beer Review – Tweason’ale by Dogfish Head

Tweason’ale by Dogfish Head is the first gluten free beer from Dogfish and brought about by Dogfish fans that requested gluten free beer more than anything else.

Dogfish has made a name for themselves in the craft beer world by making off center beers. Instead of trying to go head to head with other breweries, Dogfish makes uniqueness their cornerstone. In the gluten free beer beer world, that is exactly what I have been saying; why try to be like everyone else, let’s celebrate gluten free and be different yet enjoyable.

Today is all about Dogfish Head Teason’ale gluten free beer. The beer has a sweet fruity/strawberry nose which of course makes sense seeing that the beer is made with organic strawberries. The beer pours with a tall, white head that fills the glass at first and dissipates to a small persistent head leaving a slight lacing on the glass. The beer is a reddish gold color with good carbonation. I have read others that say this beer is more like a cider, I disagree, this beer is more like a lambic and a good lambic at that. It is a light bodied, fuity yet not too sweet gluten free beer with an enjoyable flavor and very nice mouth feel. Unlike some gluten free beers, this beer does not have the bitter finish, the finish is smooth with hints of sour strawberry which keeps the beer from being too sweet and fruity. If you like an off center beer or you are a lambic fan, then this beer would be a great one for you. Unfortunately for me, this beer is not yet available in Texas or this would be a beer that I would keep on hand.

This is a very good gluten beer and will do well to pair with any occasion. The flavor is not really strong so this beer could be over powered by strong flavored foods but would be excellent with lighter fare. Thank you Dogfish Head for producing a great and enjoyable beer. Now just get it approved for sale in Texas! ;-)

To read more about Dogfish Head, 17 yr old brewery. Check out their Facebook page and the Dogfish Head web site, Tweason’ale page.

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Justin April 25, 2012 at 9:58 am

Thanks for the kind words about Tweason’ale! We really appreciate you giving it a try. As for Texas, that’s a tough one. We are trying, though. Stay tuned!

Joey April 25, 2012 at 1:26 pm

I was my pleasure Justin. Y’all have a great product! I will be looking forward to seeing Tweason’ale on the shelf next to the other Dogfish brews.

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