Gluten Free Beer Review – Harvester Brewing Red Ale

This is a review of Harvester Brewing’s Experiment Red Ale gluten free beer, one of the first 100% gluten free craft breweries in the US.

Sticking with my own preference for dark beers, I am making my second review in this series with the 2nd beer in the Harvester Brewing line up; the Experiment Red Ale.  The Experiment Red Ale is brewed with roasted chestnuts, gluten free oats, sorghum, cane sugar and hops as are all three of the beers we will review.

The beer pours with a modest, medium brown head that dissipates fairly quickly and a pleasant red/brown color. The nose is a nice chocolate and carmel aroma with slight hops.  This is another nice beer that I will drink again.  The flavor is not as complex as the Dark Ale; I will describe it as chocolate and hops.  This beer has a bit more bitter hops  and slight after taste of many gluten free beers.  Harvester Brewing has definitely created a nice, drinkable beer.  This beer will fit well in any gluten free recipe that requires or could benefit from beer though given the choice, I would use the Dark Ale.

I have been following Harveter Brewing since they announced their intentions to open a dedicated gluten free brewery.  It has taken a lot of work, time and money on their part.  Well let me say it was worth the wait and anticipation and I am confident they will only get better.  I look forward to trying their other creations given what I have experienced with the first two I have tried.

If you find yourself in Oregon or Washington then there are a number of places you can buy Harvester Brewings beers. Check them out at







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