Gluten Free Beer Review – Harvester Brewing IPA

Harvest Brewing IPA bottle

This is a review of Harvester Brewing’s Experiment IPA gluten free beer, one of the first 100% gluten free craft breweries in the US.

I am making my third review in this series with the 3rd beer in the Harvester Brewing line up; the IPA.  The IPA is brewed with roasted chestnuts, gluten free oats, sorghum, cane sugar and hops as are all three of the beers we have reviewed.

This is a sweet smelling beer with citrus, chestnuts and honey that pours very yellow with a medium white head that disipates quickly with very light lacing.  In true India Pale Ale style, this beer has a bitter hoppy flavor with a light mouth feel.  What you get that you may not expect is the slight citrus and smooth after taste.  If you are an IPA fan, this is a bit of a twist on the traditional IPA flavor and one worth giving a try.

If you find yourself in Oregon or Washington then there are a number of places you can buy Harvester Brewings beers. Check them out at









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