Welcome to The Gluten Free Beer Association. Thank you for stopping by.

We understand how you feel after drinking a gluten beer and the difficulties in finding a good gluten free beer, so we decided to establish this Association.

The purpose of the Association is to support, promote and develop a community with a voice for the Gluten Free Beer community.


Predominately we will represent the brewing and distributing industry to connect and promote these businesses with and to the Gluten Free Beer drinker.  As a representative to the beer industry we will start to make a connection to the vast number of us that require a gluten free beer to enjoy this ancient beverage.  We have spoken to some of the beer distributors and they simply do not feel like there are very many people drinking GFree beer or that there is enough demand for GFree beer.  We are working in conjunction with the brewing and distribution industry to help them see the value in brewing and distributing Gluten Free Beer for all of us who require it!  Add your name in the form to the right, to the growing list of gluten free beer drinkers in the Gluten Free Beer Association and while you are at it, fill out our survey.  Filling out the survey is the second step in creating a Face for and communicating with brewers and distributors, they need to know who we are as a group. As a thank you for adding your name to our list in the form to the right, we will forward to you our reviews of the gluten free beers we have tried to date. We will keep working to get more Gluten Free Beers to review and will keep you updated on any beer or industry news. So go ahead, put your name and email in the box to the right and you will hear from us shortly.