Gluten Free Beer Labeling Guidelines

TTB Labeling Guidelines


In a recent ruling by the TTB (Department of the Treasury: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), a definition has been outlined for what can be labeled as gluten free when it comes to alcohol.  This ruling of course covers what can be labeled as a gluten free beer.  Per the TTB guidelines, only alcohol made with non-gluten containing ingredients can be labeled gluten free.  This ruling will have an affect on several gluten free beer brewers such as Estrella Damm Daura and the new Widmer Brothers Omission beer.  Although the Omission beers are great beers and beer that anyone, gluten free or not, can and would drink; they can no longer be labeled as gluten free.  At the Gluten Free Beer Association, we are much more interested in finding a 0 ppm test then what the product is made from.  If you are truly Celiac, 1 ppm is 1 too many in our opinion and experience.  Here’s to a good beer that doesn’t make us sick!

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