Steadfast Beer Co. – Sorghum Pale Ale



This is a review of Steadfast Beer Companies Sorghum Pale Ale, one of the newest craft beers to the gluten free beer market.

Pours with a thick golden tan head which dissipates to a small head which lingers a little while. The aroma is a bit spicy with a slight hoppy smell. This gluten free beer does something that many do not, it actually tastes like it smells, a bit spicy with a hoppy finish. This is a very drinkable beer; it would go excellent with a little Texas bar-b-que and potato salad. Since we are in the upper 90’s and pushing 100 here in central Texas, this beer will fit well for a hot afternoon needing a little refreshment. If you like a beer with a hint of spice and a hoppy finish then this gluten free beer will be excellent for you! Be looking for this new gluten free beer, Sorghum Pale Ale by Steadfast Beer Co. to come to a store near you, you will be glad you found it. :-) If you just can’t wait, then check out their online store and order today – We are always excited to see the new entrants to the gluten free market, Great Job Steadfast!





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