Diversion – Crispin Cider 2nd Flavor

Crispin Gluten Free Cider Lansdownes Artisanal Reserve

Crispin Cider – Lansdowne’s Artisanal Reserve

This Crispin cider comes in a 22 oz. bottle with 6.9% alcohol content. This is a unique cider blended with Irish stout yeast, a very full bodied cider. The smell is a blend of the rich Irish yeast and a subtle sweet apple. The mouth feel is much like a beer but a little less fizzy with a buttery blend of butterscotch and fruit. The color is a dark cloudy amber from the unfiltered apple cider with no additives of any kind. This is a clean and unique cider that many beer drinkers will enjoy. If you are and Irish stout drinker, you owe it to yourself to try this unique cider. For gluten free beer drinkers, this will be a nice change but not as far from a beer as you migh think.

Find more information about Crispin Ciders on thier website.

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