Diversion – Crispin Cider Review

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider Original

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider – Original

Taking a bit of detour from my usual reviews, another excellent option for gluten free drinks is Hard Cider. There are a number of gluten free ciders on the market and I have tried a number of them. For me, cider is not a replacement for gluten free beer but is a nice option. Of the ciders I have tried, Crispin is one of my favorites. The review I am doing here is for Crispin Original; Crispin has 10 different options to choose from.

Crispin Original is clean and crisp with a strong sweet apple nose. It has a champagne color and lightly fizzy. It has a 5% alcohol content although it taste like nothing more than crisp, clear non-alcoholic fresh cider. The flavor is sweet yet slightly a kin to a green sour apple, a very nice balance. This is a cider I would recommend and one that we will keep on hand when we want something other than gluten free beer.

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